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Why choose Gawler Ranges Wilderness safaris for you outback adventure?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There is much more to Australia than beautiful beaches and exciting cities. Be sure to not to miss the country’s spectacular outback destinations. Yes! There are many places in the country where the landscapes are truly amazing. Why is the outback an exciting destination for your adventure?

According to Hilary, “The Australian outback landscape provides a stunning environment for a highly memorable wilderness adventure.” The country’s outback destinations have vast, rugged landscapes with many different moods and colours with fresh air and long narrow roads that seem to extend beyond the horizon.

Here are some more reasons why enjoying your outback safari at Kangaluna will be an unforgettable experience:

Glamping at Kangaluna Take the opportunity to get connected with Australia’s nature, staying at Kangaluna under the vast sky filled with sparkling stars is a special experience. Activities include exploring the beauty and diversity of the landscapes, observing the abundant animals living wild, taking short hikes, hearing the stories about the natural history, walking on a huge stunning salt lake, enjoying the fresh air and experiencing the peace and serenity of the outback. Finish the days with quality beverage and a delicious meal.

​​Gorges, and Rock Formations. Australia has some of the oldest land forms on earth. Gawler Ranges National Park is a destination where you will see spectacular ancient cigar-shaped volcanic rock formations which are dated from 1600 million years old, the magnificent Organ Pipes Amphitheatre, the Corrobinnie coloured rocks and diverse vegetation.

Australian Wildlife. At Mikirra Station there is a walk through a small colony of wild Koalas.You will see on our safari drive, three species of large Kangaroos including the iconic Red , Emus, Wedgetail Eagles and in the cooler months Southern Hairy nosed wombats.

Breathtaking views and relaxing environment. Kangaluna Camp is a wonderful place to observe animals and birds coming to water in the morning and evening, enjoy canapés as the sun set colour paints the nature, the silence of the night and the clear clean light in the mornings.We love to send you home with the most memorable experience you have in Australia.

Should you decide to travel and experience great outback safari destinations in Australia, Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris is just here for you. We love to send you home with the most memorable experience you have in Australia. Geoff & Irene

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