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What our Visitors Say...

"Thank you so much for a truly fabulous holiday. You are wonderful hosts and are so enthusiastic about the surroundings that it is infectious. Staying here at the camp area is no less a privilege- to have this place to your self is so special, it’s almost surreal. The BEAUTY of the National Park is mind blowing and totally exceeded our expectations I know we’ll look back at our hundreds of photos and will hardly believe we were actually here! The kids were in heaven from role playing with face paint to holding and stroking the shingleback lizard to counting all the kangaroos and of course swimming with the sea lions. The list is endless. The memories we all have will stay with us for a life time- or at least a couple of years until we come back again. You guys are fantastic and the bush is lucky to have you respecting the flora and fauna in the meticulous way you do. Thanks again"


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