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Gawler Ranges Safaris offer an amazing diversity and profusion of wildlife in numbers rarely seen elswhere in Australia. The area has an extraordinary range of wildly beautiful outback country boasting contrasting colours of red sands and rocky gorges, blue skies and the glistening white of massive Lake Gairdner.

It is one of few places that three large species of kangaroos can be seen together, and in amazing numbers. Together with over 100 species of birds, wild koalas at Port Lincoln and swimming with sealions and dolphins at Baird Bay, we have almost everything in wild animal types all on a 4 day tour. Prices start from $210 for One day tour – to extended tours contact us to see what fits your needs.

Tour outback to the Sea

Outback to the Sea

[4 Days / 3 nights ]

Stunning outback sights and adventures swimming with wild dolphins & sea lions, experience 3 nights under the southern stars… read more>> 

Tour Ouback Contrasts

Outback Contrasts

[4 Days / 3 nights]

Days of amazing outback sights, experience Lake Gairdner; a piece of Antarctica in the midst of a red desert… read more> 

Tour Sea Lion experience

Sea Lion Experience

[3 Days / 2 nights]

Days of bountiful wildlife experiences including swimming adventure with wild Dolphins & Australian Sea Lions… read more>

Tour Wudinna Day Trips

Day Tours From Wudinna

A Day trip, experiencing all the Gawler Ranges has to offer with 3 options available… read more…

Guided Caravan Tour

Special Itineraries

Experience the Outback with season travellers, the Itinerary is completely customised. read more… 

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