Outback Adventure Tips

10 Dec

We often hear news in the local newspaper, television and radio about outback adventurers who get lost, stranded or missing during their outback adventures in Australia. There are reports of massive searches and rescues of these outback enthusiasts who get into trouble because they are lost or ill prepared for their adventure.

That is why, authorities are reminding outback tours adventurers in Australia to always make their safety a number one priority. So, if you are a first-timer in an outback adventure, be sure to consider the following:

Emergency Equipment
Before venturing into the wild, make sure you have emergency information, your own first-aid kit etc

Mobiles and the Outback
Be aware that mobile phones do not have coverage in many frequently visited locations in the outback. Telstra who probably has the best outback coverage provides this coverage map where you can see if you are likely to be able to use your phone while on tour. You will note that vast areas of the outback has no coverage.

If phone contact is critical you might consider purchasing a satellite phone which have coverage virtually anywhere
Your tour operator may have long range VF radio communications in their vehicle.

Health and Safety.
When you plan to trek Australia’s vast and magnificent land, always remember not to go there alone. You can go in two’s or in a group, but never venture out to remote areas all by yourself. In addition, always let someone know about your destination and schedules. You must also carry an extra supply of water, food and petrol. Undertake 4 wheel drive training to ensure you know how to manage the terrain you will  be visiting.

If you decide to change your routes and schedules, let someone back home know about it.

National Park passes.
When you plan to visit and camp in national parks as part of your wildlife tour plan in Australia, make sure to have the correct access passes. Camping in national parks is one of the best ways to experience the bush and see wildlife. Just ensure you have the correct pass to stay there and enjoy the fauna that it offers. There are usually just a small fee, but if you are found to be in a park without a pass you may be liable to a fine.

If you travel with Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris we arrange national park access on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about that.