Why Choose Australia For Your Outback Adventure?

10 Dec

There is a lot more to Australia than beautiful beaches and exciting cities. By all means, check out the country’s spectacular outback destinations. Yes! There are many places in the country whose beauty are truly amazing. Why is Australia is the best destination for your outback adventures?

According to Hilary, “The Australian outback landscape and other outback destinations provide a stunning environment for a highly memorable wilderness adventure.” The country’s outback destinations have vast, rugged and wide spaces, fresh air and long narrow roads that seem to extend beyond the horizon.

Here’s some more reasons why doing your outback tours in Australia can be an unforgettable experience:

Organ Pipe Formations

Camping. Take the opportunity to get connected with nature in most camping spots in Australia. Camping under the vast sky filled with sparkling stars is an outback adventure that you must not miss out on. Outdoor activities during camping, exploring the beauty of the country day or night, soaking up fresh air and truly experience the peace and serenity of the outback destinations.

Gorges, Caves and Rock Formations. Australia has some of the oldest land type on earth. Gawler Ranges National Park is a destination where you can see a spectacular ancient rock formation with cigarette-shaped volcanic rock formations which are believed to be 1600 million years old.  The magnificent Organ Pipes Amphitheatre and lots of wildlife are also found in the place.

Australian Wildlife. Do you want to have a firsthand experience with Australian wildlife that hops, flies and swims? Well, you can visit some of Australia’s camping sites and expect to see different species of kangaroos as well as emus inland and many beautiful birds.

You can also experience Australia’s untouched outback destinations where you can watch Bottlenose dolphins that will swim beside the boat. You can even join these magnificent mammals in shallow water. You can also visit a resident colony of rare Australian sea lions and experience playing face-to-face with these agile and friendly creatures. To experience a perfect wildlife tours in Australia, make sure to include the Kangaluna camp and Baird Bay in your tour itinerary.


Breathtaking views and relaxing environment. If you want to feel relaxed and be refreshed in your outback travel, then pack up your things and visit all the wonderful outback destinations in Australia like in the Kangaluna camp. This is a camping site where you can enjoy the misty mornings and deep red sunsets over majestic rocky mountains.


Should you decide to travel and experience great outback safari tour destinations in Australia, Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris is just here for you. We love to send you home with the most memorable experience you have in Australia.