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Why Choose Australia For Your Outback Adventure?

10 Dec

There is a lot more to Australia than beautiful beaches and exciting cities. By all means, check out the country’s spectacular outback destinations. Yes! There are many places in the country whose beauty are truly amazing. Why is Australia is the best destination for your outback adventures? According to Hilary, “The Australian outback landscape and […]

Outback Adventure Tips

10 Dec
Visitors to Gawler Ranges

We often hear news in the local newspaper, television and radio about outback adventurers who get lost, stranded or missing during their outback adventures in Australia. There are reports of massive searches and rescues of these outback enthusiasts who get into trouble because they are lost or ill prepared for their adventure. That is why, […]

Outback Tour Packing Tips for Women

10 Dec

When planning to travel and experience outback adventure tours in Australia, proper packing is a very important thing especially for all but possibly more so for women who are not used to travelling in outback Australia. According to an Australian female outback tour guide these are some of the things women outback adventurers should pack: Light […]

Helpful Safety Tips for Australian Outback Tours

10 Dec

Planning to visit the Australian outback?  If you want to make your outback Australia travel safe and fulfilling, please remember the following important things. Have good maps of the places you will be visiting. Australia is a huge country, so do not under estimate distances between locations. Plan your travel well, purchase some maps and […]